Review: «The Time of Your Life» — Are You Living the Life of Your Dreams?

You are at the end of your day, but still, there are quite a few things left on your to-do list, which you wanted to do. You’ve worked all day, but it feels like you have not achieved what you wanted. The goals and dreams that you have in your life, seem to slip away. There just isn’t enough time in your life, to realise everything you want. Does this sound familiar to you?

What if time would just flow and everyday life would be full of magical moments? In the past, I was often faced with this question and I did in-depth research on a wide range of books about time. In my research, I came across a 10-day audio program in audiobook format called “The Time of Your Life” by Tony Robbins. This audio book has influenced my life in various areas. I’ve since shared the principles presented inside this program with many of my loved ones. Today, I want to share these life-changing principles with you.

“The Time of Your Life” showed me how I can have the time of my life in everyday life, what it means to be result-oriented and to fill life with magical moments.

Here our review of “The Time of Your Life” by Tony Robbins.

The Time of Your Life
Perfomer: Anthony Robbins
Tony Robbins is an American life coach and speaker, who has worked in over 100 countries with more than 50 million people. (used)

The Power of Vision

The time of your life is derived from the ultimate vision you have for your life. A clear vision helps us to distinguish the essential things of the non-essential things and to fulfil our wishes and dreams. It is associated to a strong reason why you want to translate your vision into reality. This reason drives you from day to day. Before we make a plan for the day, it is important to have a plan for our lives.

Tony Robbins proposes to establish your vision by splitting your life into different categories of development. There are areas in your life where you want to develop, such as for example family, career, health, spirituality, … . To do this, you write down what your ultimate vision of life in each of these categories looks like for you and add why you want to achieve this vision. To do this you also write an ultimate vision and a reason to achieve this vision for your entire life.

Example of development categories to develop your ultimate vision.

It is not about, writing down a carved in a stone mission, but more about giving free rein to your creativity and to write down what you really want from life, what you’d like to do if time, money or your current circumstances wouldn’t be relevant. It’s important to describe these visions and reasons so they trigger strong emotions, which motivate you from the inside to reach it. These visions may change again in the course of life.

Now armed with these visions and reasons the idea is to fill your life with things that support you in your categories of development. In your daily life, you can now regularly remember what you’re on and fill your life with, the direction of your heart that propels you forward. The fact that you focus on the development in all your categories, you can ensure that you lead a balanced life despite having great ambitions.

Results and Objectives

Probably certain objectives have arisen from your vision. It may be helpful to write the objectives in the form of concrete, tangible results to each category defined above, summarized in quarterly and annual targets. To believe in your vision, it helps have a list of resources (people, books, courses, equipment, …), which can help you to live your visions.

To achieve the goals, without depending on to do lists, it is a great help to ask yourself what the roles are in these categories which represent you, and with which you can identify yourself in each category. In my example, in the category «Social Impact on Sustainability» the rolls are Changemaker and World Citizen. You can look at the summarised list of your roles daily, to check if you are living the life you want for yourself.

Concept example.

80% of the results in life come from 20% of the actions you take. This means you, don’t have to do all the tasks you set for yourself, to live your vision, but you can focus on the most important 20% and optionally do the rest.

© Marc Winn

The 80/20 principle, which is based on the theories of Economist Vilfredo Pareto.

Magical Moments

At the end of your life you probably won’t reflect how productive you were, but the magic moments you had in your life. So the main message is not to focus on using time efficiently and overcoming procrastination. Instead, it’s about designing a lifestyle, which is full of magic moments.

I’ve started a journal about the magic moments I experience in order to reflect on the essential things in life. I highly recommend this.

Who is this Audio program for?

This 10-day program is an audio course, which introduces Tony Robbins’ time management system in the form of daily coaching sessions and homework. Tony Robbins is a very motivating personality and the tasks presented in the program help you very well to develop your own internal source of motivation.

What surprised me was that I was going through the program at a time, in which I had a lot to do and couldn’t imagine myself going through this course. The concepts presented in it already help while listening to find time and energy for the things that matter in life. To do this, it should be said however that the 10 days are very tight, as some tasks will require more than 10 days. Nevertheless, I through the program in the advertised 10 days.

The concepts mentioned above represent the core of what I pulled out of the 10-day program for me and not the exact content. I can absolutely recommend the exercises mentioned by me.

Do you want to learn more about the concepts of designing the time of your life? Then “The Time of Your Life” is absolutely for you.

Here you can order The Time of Your Life:

If you have questions about the concept, I would be happy to answer them in the comments.

What practices do you follow to live a conscious life full of magic moments?


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This article was originally published on the 26th of October 2016.

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