8 Aspects of the to Real Life Food Philosophy

New diet theories are trending every few years. It was said that we should avoid fats. Suddenly, the problem was no longer the fats but the carbohydrates. Now it’s said we should eat a particular amount of proteins. Coconut oil is hyped as a Superfood one month and the next month it increases the risk for cardiovascular disease.

Common reasons for such contradicting messages are the simplification of research results in the media, the marketing of the diet and sports industries, doctors that haven’t been trained for nutrition, studies funded by large corporations as well as persuasive lobbyists.

What we need to be able to cut through, are not more myths and tactics, but a basic philosophy, which helps us to orientate ourselves in the jungle of diet theories.

In this article, you’ll learn what about the to Real Life food philosophy. Our Brunch and gourmet dinner events, recipes and our personal diets are based on this philosophy. You can also use the following tips for your personal journey.

Do we even need a Food Philosophy?

You are what you eat. Our fast lifestyle often leads us to fast food and the menus in restaurants, as well as the shelves in supermarkets, are filled with offers, which don’t support our own lives, nor our planet.

This imbalance of offers and the associated health, environmental and social consequences have the result that we should place a counterweight with a conscious diet philosophy. With our personal path, we can make a difference.
The information in this article is based on personal experiences or the experiences of others and are not medical advice.

Here 8 aspects of the to Real Life food philosophy:


What’s the best diet for you, is therefore not written in stone. Diet theories such as that of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) or of Ayurveda (Traditional Indian Medicine) were the first to teach us to pay attention to the differences of our lifestyles, bodies, and personality types to nourish ourselves.

Without the help of Ayurvedic or TCM coaches, this means we need to develop body awareness and to make sure how our own bodies and minds respond to certain foods. Accordingly, it’s up to oneself to decide what’s a good food and what not. This also applies to the following points listed by me.


It’s not focusing on inflicting less damage and practicing renunciation, but on doing something good for yourself and your environment.

The variety of the foods that nature gives us is huge. It’s fun to go on a journey of discovery to fully enjoy life and what the world has to offer.

An example for this is this blog, which is full of recipes and tips from our personal journey to real life.


Be sure to mostly consume as original full-fledged food and processed products to only gently processed products to the shopping cart.

Examples of ways we implement this are by buying plenty of fresh vegetables, using Sun-dried dates instead of refined sugar to sweeten desserts, consuming whole grain products wherever possible and drinking mainly water and home fermented beverages in addition.


With the purchase of organic and biodynamic products we promote sustainable agriculture and protect ourselves from environmental toxins and antibiotic-resistant germs.


Image: Factors, which make out the Blue zones (places where the world’s longest-lived people live).

There are also many social and ecological reasons, to have a purely plant-based or vegan diet, which we have discussed in previous articles:
Why plant-based (vegan)? Part 1
Why plant-based (vegan)? Part 2 — Beyond Local

Seasonal and Local


The Journey

Finding a food philosophy, which works for oneself, is not always easy. What’s often missing is help, guidance, and support to cope with the flood of information, new myths, discoveries, and trends.

Do you have questions about nutrition or do you seek assistance or advice? Then click on the following link to set up a private discovery call with my wife Lisa who is a certified Health Coach.

Contact Lisa Filipe now

If you have general questions or inputs from your food philosophy, we appreciate your comments below.


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