17 Steps of Your Hero’s Journey this New Year

Goals. Resolutions. Visions. If you are like me, you have an idea of what you want to implement and reach this new year. But the way to achieve our goals is sometimes an emotional roller coaster full with moments of fear, joy, uncertainty and fulfillment.

Joseph Campbell, an American Mythologist, designed “The Hero’s journey“. This is the typical pattern of a hero’s journey, which is repeated in various myths, legends and stories in modern pop culture. The concept of the hero’s journey can also be applied on our own lives and helps us to understand and to overcome the ups and downs of this journey.
You are the hero of your own life story. Wherever you stand in your hero’s journey, I hope this article helps you to jump over your own shadow, to take the next step and to follow your calling in the new year.

Your Hero’s Journey

1. The Call to Adventure

2. Refusal of the Call

3. The Mentor

4. Crossing the Threshold

5. Belly of the Whale

6. The Road of Trials

7. The Meeting with the Goddess

8. The Temptation

9. The Atonement

10. Apotheosis

11. The Ultimate Boon

12. Refusal of the Return

13. The Flight

14. Rescue from Without

15. The Crossing of the Return Threshold

16. Master of Two Worlds

17. Sharing the Experiences with the World

With Journey to Real Life we have set the goal of passing on everything we learn on our journey to a more conscious and sustainable life in relationship to our environment, our fellow human beings and ourselves. In this process we constantly learn new things, what puts our hero’s journey back to the start and calls us to new adventures. This makes our ongoing Journey to Real Life.

The Call to Adventure

When you accept the challenge, you’ll come back as a new person. A greater version of your self awaits you.

Happy new year 2016!


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This article was originally published on the 5th of January 2016.

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