Sustainability is on everyone’s lips. This is reflected in the acquaintance, who increasingly ditches meat, in the advertising of well-known sugar water corporations as well as in the growing alternative offer of the large supermarket chains. We are aware that we only have this one planet to live, and we adapt our lifestyle to this realization in both small and large. This includes things like the renouncement of unnecessary plastic waste or deliberately rare flying. …

If we feel the same, you have also asked yourself this question. This is often the question that follows when we tell people that we have a plant-based diet as well as the question that is never asked as most people answer it for themselves. When asking about it what strikes me is that almost everyone has a very own answer to that question.

In the summer of 2014 I asked Lisa if she would join me on a plant-based diet. At first she was sceptical. Afterwards she agreed with the following question: “If the biggest meat fanatic I know…

In today’s information overload, in our society’s optimization craze, it seems more relevant than ever to develop a healthy approach to one’s own position in the world.

This article is about where spirituality can find its place in our daily lives and how it helps us to live a happy life.

Living in the Here-and-Now

Life itself is nothing more than what we consciously experience in the present moment. Nevertheless, we are often lost in thoughts, worry about the future or hang on past experiences. Forgetting that the only way to form the future and to not repeat the mistakes of the past, is…

You are at the end of your day, but still, there are quite a few things left on your to-do list, which you wanted to do. You’ve worked all day, but it feels like you have not achieved what you wanted. The goals and dreams that you have in your life, seem to slip away. There just isn’t enough time in your life, to realise everything you want. Does this sound familiar to you?

What if time would just flow and everyday life would be full of magical moments? In the past, I was often faced with this question and…

Films have the ability to draw our attention and turn our lives upsidedown in a very short period of time. Some show an alternative world that sparkes our creativity and makes us dream. Others point out deplorable state of affairs,, which prompt us to change our lives.

For Lisa and me, documentaries have had a great influence on our thinking and actions. We want to share this with you. Therefore, we have listed 13 documentaries which could change the way you see the world.


Our educational system is designed to prepare young people for a performance oriented and competitive…

Goals. Resolutions. Visions. If you are like me, you have an idea of what you want to implement and reach this new year. But the way to achieve our goals is sometimes an emotional roller coaster full with moments of fear, joy, uncertainty and fulfillment.

Joseph Campbell, an American Mythologist, designed “The Hero’s journey“. This is the typical pattern of a hero’s journey, which is repeated in various myths, legends and stories in modern pop culture. The concept of the hero’s journey can also be applied on our own lives and helps us to understand and to overcome the ups…

New diet theories are trending every few years. It was said that we should avoid fats. Suddenly, the problem was no longer the fats but the carbohydrates. Now it’s said we should eat a particular amount of proteins. Coconut oil is hyped as a Superfood one month and the next month it increases the risk for cardiovascular disease.

Common reasons for such contradicting messages are the simplification of research results in the media, the marketing of the diet and sports industries, doctors that haven’t been trained for nutrition, studies funded by large corporations as well as persuasive lobbyists.

What we…

Originally published on the 22nd of November 2016

What if I told you that the average hero such as Superman is highly underutilising his gifts in fighting crime one case at a time? What if you working, volunteering and donating to an already overcrowded cause distracts from other more accessible social problems?

by Zach Weiner

Lately, I stumbled across 80,000 Hours, an organisation that helps people find a meaningful career in a 9-step career guide. There I came across a compilated list of the world’s top 10 most pressing problems based on scientific research (Open Philanthropy Project, Global Priorities Project, Copenhagen Consensus Centre)…

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